Monday, 13 November 2017

Athletics day writing.

At pt england school we had a amazing day at school we had. Athletics we were lined up into our groups then, Mr burt did a korero.

After the korero, we went to a event down at the pt england reserve we were doing, volleyball. Their had to be 6 people on each of the volleyball team.

It was hine moana vs hikianalia at the end of it hine moana won the, blue team. Then we did some other cool amazing events like tug-o-war, sprinting, high jump too, and shot put, dodgeball.

After volleyball we did dodgeball and it was hokulea and hikianalia, on the green team there was only one person left on the green team, tisa he nearly got everyone out, but benjamin got tisa out. On the last round.

we did the other events, i came 1st place on the sprinting no one beated me i just ran as fast as i can. Then at the end we did relay i was in it with my friend leitte after asha she gave me the batten and i ran fast as i could until one of the.

Parents came towards me i stopped and waited until he came and i started sprinting. At the other sprint run i was in the, finals and then we had the 8 fastest people. It was me, josh, ben, aj.f, jacob, freedom, sione.t, and toby, Mr burt said on your marks, get set, GO! I ran but i was struggling in the race, and i started gassing everyone.

Mrs flavol said who came first place, i said it was me then she said you are in the finals i made it.