Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Hour of code. star wars

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There was this cool special thing we did. We did coding because this guy named Nathan came and  told us about the technology of coding and then this girl came in with this strange bag.  She was called Mikayla and she told us about coding again. then we went off and did our coding for an hour. I did coding on the Star Wars game until the end.

Friday, 1 December 2017


  • On Thursdays we go to this strange place called maker-space. So we had to sit on this pattern mat i was listening and stuff that he was talking about. Before that he did the roll he called out every name on the list like me too.
  • we made this strange musical instrument thing. It was pan pipes 1st we had to get a strong nylon string to cut out the pipes only cut out 5. Then after that we needed glue gun we needed gloves so we don't get burned 
  • anyways we needed to leave it so it can dry off before that i got the sand paper and did straight only just one cause my buddies Isaiah, George they did 4 of it.
  • it was nearly straight, then it turned out not to be straight.