Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Walt: write a narrativeWalt: use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.
One day It was a cold windy day two mens were In a house the two names were tyson and max they were playing games on the playstation 4 they were playing rugby league live 3 then when they finished playing they went out to kayaking on the river and It was night they went home to sleep In there beds.

Then the next morning It was a sunny day they waked up and made there breakfast and they ate It then they put It In the sink and went to there rooms and got toothbrushes and went In the bathroom and brushed their teeth then they went kayaking on the river again and they went for race tyson vs max they raced but tyson couldn’t beat max because max was too fast at kayaking then tyson said oh ok you win max you win.

Then at night they were still kayaking In the river and they saw something strange under the water they saw it closer then tyson and max said It’s a jellyfish box they went back fast to there stuff and got there kayak boats and put It on the top of the van and went back home when they got back home they said I’m never gonna go there anymore me too said max.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Pick a path
Walt: write a story with different endings

1. Basic Plan - Outline of story
Story Plan - What is your story about?
Super Heroes?
Ghosts / Zombies?
A epic Dragon ball z battle between Goku and black goku Who are the Two main characters from the new dragon ball xenoverse.

2. Write your character description.
Remember this character is going to face challenges (problems) throughout the story.
Character Description - Who is your main character?
What do they look like?
Short / tall?
Fat / thin?
Hair colour?
Personality (happy, sad, friendly, shy?)
Likes / dislikes?
Goku super saiyan god 2 hair colour was blue
He is a protector of people
he was angry and he’s tall skinny
He has many powers including the kamehameha which is a blue powerful super blast.

3. Write your setting description.
Your story has to take place somewhere. (City, country, school, home, beach, park, shop)
Setting3. Write your setting description.
Description - Where is your story taking place
Where is it?
What can you see?
What can you smell?
In the ground where the houses were goku smelled nice

4. Map out your ideas
If you map out your ideas now, it will work as a bit of a plan to follow
Beginning of story  - What happens first and what is the problem?
Goku fighting black goku in the ground
Fix 1 - What is the first way to fix the problem?
Fix 2 - What is the second way to fix the problem?
They were fighting in the ground
And they didn’t became friends because black goku’s evil.

Fighting the bad guy

One day there was a saiyan called goku he ate heaps and heaps of food then he went off to home but when he was there he had a fight Against black goku.

Then They fighted goku was punching his hardest to black goku but black goku was dogding it then black goku made a powerful blast out of his hand at the back of him

Then when he was fighting he was getting sucked in and he was getting angry then he got sucked in again then he went to another place

Where should goku go.
  1. Should goku wait for him or
  2. Should goku go to him and fight
Goku went to find but black goku was coping goku’s moves and he did a big massive wind to the big massive rock then goku found him and goku went up to black goku and punch him but black. goku dogded his punch and they were still fighting in the sky and they did there kamehameha’s in the same time black goku and goku did there kamehameha and they blast it and it bumped in and it made powerful boom! In the middle of it.

Then black goku was dead from goku because goku survived the kamehameha boom but black goku didn’t and then it was the end for black goku the end.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!

WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

Topic: PES Wheelbarrow race
Audience: PES, friends, teacher, whanau, worldwide blog audience.
Purpose: To retell our Pt England School Wheelbarrow Race and share our thoughts on technology and cheating.

Room 9 has just completed the PES Olympics wheelbarrow race. Apparently there was some cheating in the race? How did this cheating affect you and your race?

Paragraph Options:

I was nervous.  Then Mr Baxendine said ready get set go  and I was coming first then I came second Sione was the one who came  first. Because mr baxendine was cheating In the race.

When we walked to somewhere we did something we saw the wheelbarrow. And we went Inside the Breeze then we had a wheelbarrow race. Mr baxendine was using the. Wheelbarrow and devontae was In It and when we started the race mr baxendine cheated then me and my friend came second place And the girls were laughing then I said to mr baxendine you. Cheated on the wheelbarrow race. Then we Went to go sit. On the step and it was time for the girls race then mr baxendine was using the Wheelbarrow again and calais went In It then the other girls were. In the floor then the boys said five Four three two one go then mr baxendine was coming first but he was cheating then the other girls Dropped down then mr baxendine. Crossed the finished line but the boys said you cheated again mr baxendine and we went to class to do some writing about the wheelbarrow race.

People uses steroids and motors to be good and people use drugs to win all their medals.  a lady got banned from the Olympics for using  a lot of drugs and she got sent to jail for lying to the host that she was using drugs.and this girl was using her twin sister to win are gold medal and the host noticed that a girl had a broken leg so she asked her twin sister to win the medal for her and she got banned from the olympics. Then their is a technology There's something called a motor. Are motor is something that makes your bike fast.

 I felt very scared and I thought then I got angry at mr baxendine for cheating he used the wheelbarrow. Then I got nervous that I was going to get in trouble Then  I was happy because I got to use the wheelbarrow and I came first and everyone was cheering.