Thursday, 7 April 2016

the messy room

I walked into my brother’s room and I saw messy clothes around the floor and filthy socks too on the bed. I walked out of my brother’s room and told Him to go in his room and Clean. His stuff in the floor. And I saw a big fat rat In my brother’s bed. And Then I went to grab my brother’s shoe and smacked the big fat rat then It ran Away outside.

Then I looked In my brother’s room. Then I saw everything clean the Clothes And the socks. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

My day at home

After school I ran home with my big brother and my small brother we got home and Changed our uniforms then I  ate my chips and then I saw my little kitten sleeping beside
The tv then I went to go and touch It then my cousin came to our house and I said to my Cousin sup then my cousin said sup back to me then he parked his car at the back then he Came out of his car and came Inside In the house.

At 9:00pm I went to bed. Wind was blowing the branches off the trees and I got a fright. Then I went back to sleep.  In the morning I brushed my teeth after that I went to the kitchen
To have breakfast. Then I went to grab a paper and a pen to draw.

In went to the sitting room and then I put my pen and paper away and played games. Then I turned the xbox off and I went outside to ride the scooter outside. I had a great day because I went to the shops with my brother.