Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Crazy Motat Adventures

Some friends from school go to Motat with their teacher, but get lost inside of the museum. What kind of adventure do they end up on??...Write to narrate (tell) a story about this adventure.

Think about:
  • where your story is set
  • who your characters are – what they do, what they say, and how they think and feel
  • the problem and how it is solved
  • the order of your ideas and how they are linked.

Planning Space
(Characters & Setting)
Yr 4 & 5 going to the museum of transport and technology motat.
Me getting lost in a church.
Then the others find me in the church.

Start Writing Here:

On Tuesday morning I woke up and got ready to go on our trip. My brothers and I went to school. I thought I was late so I ran to school and I waited and waited until class was open. I gave my permission slip to Mr baxendine to put in the book bag. I then went to hang my bag on a chair and went outside to play. The two bells rang so I quickly ran to class and sat on the mat. Mrs Moala took us to the big mat.

Mr baxendine was doing the groups so I was the only boy In that group we went to the breeze and sat down. And gave us some Instructions and we were waiting for the buses to come then we went into the breeze and out of the breeze.

When we left out the breeze we went on to the bus and sat down in a chair and I was sleeping and then nytram was waking me up but he went away to sit somewhere else then. De niro was sitting next to me and well the bus was driving I was still sleeping and when I woke up I slept again.

And I woke up again and. De niro and I were talking to each other well the girls at the back talking, yelling, shouting, laughing and when we got there we went into the big white warm tent and this woman was talking us then we went out to do something fun but it wasn’t fun enough because the mirror maze wasn’t there.

Because they changed it to nothing and. When we went inside the room the woman was talking to us again but the group was somewhere else and It was boring but It was cool writing in our papers and then went outside to the big white warm tent.

Then went back to school and I thought it was lunch time but It was morning tea time.

The end.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Athletics Day 2016
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: Write a recount.

Paragraph 1   
Introduction: What, When, Where and Who?                 
A hot friday morning it was 2016 school athletics day the bell rang. So we went to the courts Mr burt was in front of all of. Us and he
was ready to speak and he called the years and team house colours. But too much kids yelling and shouting then. We were all quite then he gave us some instructions.


Paragraph 2    
What happened during during the day? (House teams, colours, rotations)               
We went out to our events. The first event that we went to was high jump so we lined up into two
lines then. Mrs king said to us are you. Left or right but there were heaps on the right side. And I was on left.

Paragraph 3    
Choose one activity you did and explain what it was and how did you go?                  
Next was sprinting the first group went up first to line up. The second group lined up too but I was in arthur’s line so they standed up then. Mr burt said take your marks get set go so they ran as fast
as they can. Arthur was coming first but devontae was coming near arthur. But arthur and devontae were a tie so the next line came up on front.

Paragraph 4    
Conclusion: What was your favourite part? Highlight?            
My favourite part was high jump and sprinting and shot put too.