Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Start Writing Here:One day there were five little kids in a house named tank, richtofin, nikolai, takeo, and samantha the sister they all growed up into adults and the four men's got ready to do something it was to shoot the zombies and they went into the portal one at a time and then they were at this place could revelations there were maps all over the place it was up in the sky.

And they started with pistols there were perks too so they saw the apothicon tooked the pack- a- punch machine so they can’t pack-a-punch but they ran up straight to do the ritual so they started it and there were crawling fire monsters coming up to them and they shooted them and when they finished they started killing zombies they were shooting them to get more points.

And they were looking for the random box they were looking for the green light they saw it. It was at origins so they opened the door and the other door they jumped on the jump pad and ran to open another door then they all went to try the random box to get a gun first was takeo and he got the thunder gun and then tank tried and he got the tommy gun and then richtofin tried and he got the ICR and then nikolai tried then he got the apothicon servent.

So they killed the last zombie and they went up straight and open the door with their moneys and went down and they were at mob of the dead they went down the stairs saw the second ritual they started it and those crawling fire monsters came to them again then they shooted the crawling monsters then they finished the second ritual then they killed zombies to get more money than they saved the last zombie so they went in the portal.

And when they went in the portal they went to the beginning to go to der isendrache to do the third ritual so they went to jump in the jump pad and they landed so they buy the door and went up the stairs and they went up another stair and turned right and they saw the door and they buy it then they went up to started and they did they were shooting them again then the ritaul finished and they went to the last one.

So the last ritaul was at shangrila they went to shangrila and they all started the ritaul and the monsters came again and they finished the last one so nikolai went shoot all five tablets then all of them went into the apothicons mouth and pack-a-punch there guns and they survived longer and longer.