Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Thursday, 8 December 2016

1. One day on the beach shaun johnson was practicing his passes and tackles on the sand and then he left the ball in the sand and went to jump in the water then he didn’t know who was coming then he saw someone came out of the car and he who is that coming here he came down the steps it was jonathon thurston shaun johnson saw jonathon thurston playing with his rugby ball and he said to him your not allow to play with my ball.

2.Then johnathan thurston said back to him is it your ball said johnathan thurston yes that is my ball you should get your own ball not to use my ball then jonathon thurston said do you wanna challenge with at tackling and fast passes then shaun johnson said yeah I will straight beat you like nothing johnathan thurston said oh come on then they did fast passes first then tackling they passed fast as they could but shaun johnson won the fast passing.

3.Then It was time for tackling then they tackled but shaun johnson didn’t tackle because he was scared at tackling he was only good at passes and steps but jonathon thurston dived for the tackle he straight rapped around shaun johnsons leg as shaun johnson tripped over and fell In the sand then shaun johnson said okay you won and I lose then shaun johnson got up and he faced johnathan thurston to have another battle but jonathon thurston said just give up man.

4.But then two of them shaked hands and said are you all goods they both said yeah and then they changed back into their close and went to shaun johnsons house to play black ops 3 zombies revelations and they ate noodles and they became friends with each other then it was night time jonathan had a quick shower then he went back home too.

other then it was night time jonathan had a quick shower then he went back home too. shaun johnson he had a shower and then had dinner and then he went to his room to sleep.   

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Athletics Day 2016
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: Write a recount.
Paragraph 1   
Introduction: What, When, Where and Who?                 

A hot friday morning it was 2016 school athletics day the bell rang. So we went to the courts Mr burt was in front of all of. Us and he
was ready to speak and he called the years and team house colours. But too much kids yelling and shouting then. We were all quite then he gave us some instructions.

Paragraph 2    
What happened during during the day? (House teams, colours, rotations)     

We went out to our events. The first event that we went to was high jump so we lined up into two
lines then. Mrs king said to us are you. Left or right but there were heaps on the right side. And I was on left.

Paragraph 3    
Choose one activity you did and explain what it was and how did you go?

Next was sprinting the first group went up first to line up. The second group lined up too but I was in arthur’s line so they standed up then. Mr burt said take your marks get set go so they ran as fast
as they can. Arthur was coming first but devontae was coming near arthur. But arthur and devontae were a tie so the next line came up on front.

Paragraph 4    
Conclusion: What was your favourite part? Highlight?          

My favourite part was high jump and sprinting and shot put too.

Water, Oil & Soap Quiz

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The animal race.

Animal Racing!
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It is the 2016 Pt England animal race. This is not a normal race! In this race you get to ride whatever animal you want.    
Write a crazy story about this animal race that you and your friends had. Write about what animal you chose to race with and what animal your friends picked.
Then what happened during the race?
Did anything crazy happen?
Who won?

Start Writing Here: .It is the 2016 pt england animal race. It was a normal race and I chose the cheetah it was fast as. I was like YO I’ll have the cheetah and I saw the racers. With their animal then on that race the chicken lost like nothing.

‘’ Then we walked back to the start line and started again. Then the man said ON, YOUR, MARKS, GET, SET, GO.  Then the tiger was coming first again but it slowed down and then. I came first in that race.

‘The chicken was slow as the chicken said he was gonna come but I said your bloody lier. It didn’t even beat me. Cause I thought it was small but It was fat as. And I was like what the hell.

Then I walked away then this guy went to punch me then I went to drop him. Then after that I said to him don’t mess with me ghee okay yeah that’s right. That’s what I thought then I walked home to sleep.