Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Year 5/6 camp writing.

Year 5/6 Camp - Writing

We are going to be writing about our camp experiences on camp.

Hook the reader in, and let them know what your writing is going to be about.
This writing is going to be about years five and six camp at pt england school.

Paragraph 1
What is camp. When, Where, Why. All the information. What activities did you do?
Camp was started when. Mr burt was a teacher we year 5/6  had the opportunity to have camp at pt england school. And what did at camp for our activities was kayak but I don’t know when.

Paragraph 2
Highlights. What were your favourite parts, and why?
My favourite part at camp was the movies going to class to watch it we were all in different groups we were watching the storks that was so funny how the green bird said HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, everyone was laughing Hard out I was gonna laugh too but I kept It In.

Paragraph 3
Thank you’s. Who made this happen for you? I.e. Family, School, Teacher, and Leaders etc
Thank you Mr burt and teachers and leaders for organizing this year 5/6 camp at pt england school we all really appreciated that and another thank you to families too.

What did you learn about yourself on camp, why would you recommend that every student does this in future.
What I learned about camp was how to behave and learned how to kayak at the beach with the captains I was way behind all of them but I catched up to them. Then they ayyyy how did you get here so fast they said to me and I learned about how to play ping pong too that’s all I know.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

About the picnic

On friday morning all classes went to the pt england reserve to have a picnic. Mr burt was talking to all of us then we went to our spots then we went off I went off to get some clay where the beach.

So I saw zane coming to get some clay too me and him walked towards the rocks. And I changed my mind I went to get some lunch then I sat there and I saw someone coming so I ran down to the beach and wet my legs.

From the sand then once he saw me I quickly ran and play some rippa and I saw leonardy and leiite coming to play but I was not going to play but I also did played until it was finish so everyone took off the belts and tags and went off.

Somewhere to do something so I saw kurtas playing volley ball I went to go play then kurtas said to me to go in their team then I didn’t play. Somewhere I went to the beach to grab some more clay then aaliyah the year 8 ask me for some clay I said.

Fine you can have some and the other girl said can I have some too so I did give her too then I gave someone my clay to someone else and I walked off I saw my clothes. Some clay some clay all over the place on my T- shirt and pants too.

And I said to myself I’m gonna get a hiding from my mum. So I tried to get the clay off my T- shirt.

And pants too but I couldn’t do It so when It was finished they came back to their spots then kurtas. Said to me you can’t wash It off It only comes off about like five weeks until it comes off.

And I said that’s a lie so I said five weeks until this comes off only one day until the clay comes off I was gonna say It but I walked away to play with jaylim then I saw Mr goodwin laying down where the rocks. I said to jaylim what are you doing jaylim said skipping with the skipping rope.

Monday, 6 March 2017

There, their or they're

There, their or they’re?

Let’s practise using these words by filling in the gaps.  Have another look at our slideshow to help you work out which word to use.

Tom and Miria are going to the beach for a picnic.  The summer sun warms them as they walk towards the reserve.  Have they remembered to wear …………their…………….. hats?

“What will we do when we get ……there………………… ?” asked Miria.  “There are too many people for a game of touch.”

“We could go over ……there…….. and play cricket”, said Tom.  “Oh look!  ……over……their  starting to line up for a swim.  Should we go over …there…there……………. Too?”

Add 2 -3 of your own sentences to this writing.  It must include there, their and they’re!

Task 2: In a Google drawing, create an infographic to help you remember the difference between there, their and they’re!  Publish to your blog as an image.  Labels: 2017, Writing, Infographic, Homophones, Grammar