Friday, 16 October 2015


On Monday morning room 13 went to the hall because we had a immersion assembly we came

To sit down.

My favourite item was Term 3 cause all of them were dinosaurs the boss was bosseraptor then discosaurus and then Musclosaurus, then manosaurus after was ballarinasaurus and then all of the dinosaurs

And my other favourite funny item was term 5 and mr Goodwin was talking in the movie and

Mr Goodwin was saying look over there mr Goodwin said the shark is gonna eat you. And

Another boy came to talk it was cora's big brother he kept talking then he started to laugh

Then, he walked off and then it showed the blue thing then it was time for term 6 and that

Was the noodle challenge" And  the man was saying are you ready set go.

And then they were eating fast then miss peato sit down and ated the noodles and one of

Them were going slow the one next to miss peato is the one who ated the noodles all she.

Was like this she flipped the plate and the noodles went in to her mouth. When she was standing the first time.