Thursday, 12 November 2015

Topic sentence

This is my dinosaurs name and its gonna be firesaurus and special about him is he

Likes to burn down trees and he lives at the dark rocks with lava's and the favourite yummy

Food he eats is meat just meat when some dinosaurs make some sound they die when

Firesaurus burns them in the face and they fall off the rocks and they go straight into the

Lava and their dead for ever some. Dinosaurs make some sounds but at dark firesaurus

Goes out fight with the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Then the Tyrannosaurus rex roars at the firesaurus then firesaurus roars back at the

T-Rex then they start to have a fight now the t-Rex runs and scratches firesaurus

Then firesaurus burns the Tyrannosaurus rexe,s face then the t-Rex died from firesaurus

Then firesaurus goes back to his dark place where he lives and then he sleeps their.

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