Friday, 4 December 2015


Every Tuesday we go to football with our classes to meet Jeremy and. The games we

Played was chain tag and.  Indians & cow boys and Jeremy stop the game and we had

To play tag and.Me & my friend A.J.F. Tagged heaps of our class mates and then

My friend got tagged.

By the girls and me and devontae & loseti was the last ones and they got bigger and.

Bigger so me and. The others had to run away from the chain then a.j.f. Was running

With the class trying to get three of us then three of us kept on running and running

And.  We slowed down and devontae got captured by the chain he got tagged by

A.j.f. Tagged devontae and then I got tagged by the chain is well and last was

Loseti and he ran off fast as he can and then he slowed down And. He got tagged

And. At the end we played soccer and we got in to teams tigers was versing

The lions and it was fun I get to be the goaly and. We stared the game and.

They kicked the ball. And we got the goal and. We got one point.

And. We won game and tigers lost the game.

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