Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Write here: My superheroes name is smoke he is brave and strong and Angry fights the bad guys and destroys them he is in are clan called lin kuei.

What is their name?
Are they Male or Female?
Its a male.
Where do they live/come from?
Liives with brothers cyrax sektor.
What is their superpowers?
Flying, Super strength, laser eyes etc
Super strenght red eyes takes his head off.
How did they get their superpower?)
Smoke powers and fast flyer powers.
What do they look like?
Costume/ clothes: (Cape, tights, armour)
Body type (Muscled, Tall, Short)
Black and gray armour.
What kind of personality do they have?
Happy, sad, brave, friendly, angry, scary etc.
Brave and strong and angry.
Is there anything weird about them you want to include?
(favourite food/music etc)
Favourite food is. Mc Donalds.

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