Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Athletics Day 2016
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: Write a recount.

Paragraph 1   
Introduction: What, When, Where and Who?                 
A hot friday morning it was 2016 school athletics day the bell rang. So we went to the courts Mr burt was in front of all of. Us and he
was ready to speak and he called the years and team house colours. But too much kids yelling and shouting then. We were all quite then he gave us some instructions.


Paragraph 2    
What happened during during the day? (House teams, colours, rotations)               
We went out to our events. The first event that we went to was high jump so we lined up into two
lines then. Mrs king said to us are you. Left or right but there were heaps on the right side. And I was on left.

Paragraph 3    
Choose one activity you did and explain what it was and how did you go?                  
Next was sprinting the first group went up first to line up. The second group lined up too but I was in arthur’s line so they standed up then. Mr burt said take your marks get set go so they ran as fast
as they can. Arthur was coming first but devontae was coming near arthur. But arthur and devontae were a tie so the next line came up on front.

Paragraph 4    
Conclusion: What was your favourite part? Highlight?            
My favourite part was high jump and sprinting and shot put too.

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