Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Planning and writing a recount Template.

First of all: We all went random classes I went to room 21 to do some crafting then we did the roll for the names then we did something.

Next: We had watch the movie. How to craft a fish sock kite we sat on tables to make It. then we did the first step then second step then the third step.

After that: Mrs squires told the year sevens, and some year eights to come down to the mat to glue the kids fishes with the super hot glue gun.

Later on: We had to draw our eyes for our fishes In the paper then we have to cut It so we can put It Into the eye part.

In the end: Then had a blue bamboo hard stick and a string. So the last part was to tie the string on to the stick then It will hang up the fish then you can fly It.

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