Thursday, 8 December 2016

1. One day on the beach shaun johnson was practicing his passes and tackles on the sand and then he left the ball in the sand and went to jump in the water then he didn’t know who was coming then he saw someone came out of the car and he who is that coming here he came down the steps it was jonathon thurston shaun johnson saw jonathon thurston playing with his rugby ball and he said to him your not allow to play with my ball.

2.Then johnathan thurston said back to him is it your ball said johnathan thurston yes that is my ball you should get your own ball not to use my ball then jonathon thurston said do you wanna challenge with at tackling and fast passes then shaun johnson said yeah I will straight beat you like nothing johnathan thurston said oh come on then they did fast passes first then tackling they passed fast as they could but shaun johnson won the fast passing.

3.Then It was time for tackling then they tackled but shaun johnson didn’t tackle because he was scared at tackling he was only good at passes and steps but jonathon thurston dived for the tackle he straight rapped around shaun johnsons leg as shaun johnson tripped over and fell In the sand then shaun johnson said okay you won and I lose then shaun johnson got up and he faced johnathan thurston to have another battle but jonathon thurston said just give up man.

4.But then two of them shaked hands and said are you all goods they both said yeah and then they changed back into their close and went to shaun johnsons house to play black ops 3 zombies revelations and they ate noodles and they became friends with each other then it was night time jonathan had a quick shower then he went back home too.

other then it was night time jonathan had a quick shower then he went back home too. shaun johnson he had a shower and then had dinner and then he went to his room to sleep.   

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