Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The animal race.

Animal Racing!
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It is the 2016 Pt England animal race. This is not a normal race! In this race you get to ride whatever animal you want.    
Write a crazy story about this animal race that you and your friends had. Write about what animal you chose to race with and what animal your friends picked.
Then what happened during the race?
Did anything crazy happen?
Who won?

Start Writing Here: .It is the 2016 pt england animal race. It was a normal race and I chose the cheetah it was fast as. I was like YO I’ll have the cheetah and I saw the racers. With their animal then on that race the chicken lost like nothing.

‘’ Then we walked back to the start line and started again. Then the man said ON, YOUR, MARKS, GET, SET, GO.  Then the tiger was coming first again but it slowed down and then. I came first in that race.

‘The chicken was slow as the chicken said he was gonna come but I said your bloody lier. It didn’t even beat me. Cause I thought it was small but It was fat as. And I was like what the hell.

Then I walked away then this guy went to punch me then I went to drop him. Then after that I said to him don’t mess with me ghee okay yeah that’s right. That’s what I thought then I walked home to sleep.


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