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Animation Writing And Voice Over

Animation Writing and Voice Over
  • Rata and the Totara Tree
  • Maui and the Sun
  • Maui and the Giant Fish
Retell/ summarise the myth/ legend IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
This should not be long. Think of how long your voiceover needs to be.
writing and Voice Over
Walt be thoughtful about links between oral (spoken), written, and visual language to give purpose to our writing.
Walt develop our correct use of punctuation.

Your task: Using your animation plan to help you, write a summary of the Māori myth/ legend which you have chosen and explain how this myth/legend links to the environment. This task will help you with your voice over for your animation.

Myth/ legend you are animating (choose 1)
  • Maui and the sun.

  • One day their was a legend called maui he sat down and prayed that he will Get the sun with his hook. But It was dark but the next morning he went on. His Waka to find the mountain once he found It he grabbed onto It and climbed up To see the sun. He quickly grab his hook and hooked his chin and went back And pulled It back and then It slowed time down for trees and plants could grow fast.

Link to an online text/ video:
How does this myth/ legend link to the environment?
Maui and the sun his brothers and him slowed down the sun because the plants and trees can grow fast.

Include links to the environment throughout the summary/ retelling of the myth/legend.

One sunny day, a young boy sat under an orange tree. As he picked a piece of the bright fruit, the tree shook and several birds shot up into the air. The boy sank his teeth into the juicy flesh. This could symbolise the many uses of plants in the environment. Trees in the environment can be used as a source of food, shelter, and a home for many animals.
Start Writing here: One day their was a legend maori person named maui and his brothers they were In a marai praying that they will get the sun. So they went on two waka’s to go find. The mountain once they have got there they. Were ready to get their hooks to find the sun. One brother found the sun they all came together as a team. They chucked their hooks to the sun and went back and pulled It. With their strength and muscles then they finally did It.
So the plants, trees could grow up and flowers.

Fast finisher?

Record your voice over ready for adding to your animation.

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