Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I'm a bird Creative Writing Task 2 CWT 2

Creative Writing Task 2: I’m a bird!

Imagine that you are a baby seabird.  It would be different to living in a tree.  Write a story about a baby bird that lives in a nest at the top of a cliff, or in a nest at a beach.
  • Choose words to make your sentences interesting.
  • Highlight 5 words that make your writing sound WOW!
  • Read your writing to make sure it makes sense.
  • Check your sentence punctuation - beginning and end!

If I was a Little baby bird I would be afraid of darkness and skeletons and especially eagles and scary birds too. I would eat half a food If I was a bird and drink water twice a day and then.

I will have enough to drink water and then go and fly. And run around but at nights It will be scary for me to go to the. Terrifying horrid horrible scary house.
And skeletons everywhere but only In. The darkness side.

But I will find some birds that are good not like the. Evil birds who lives where the darkness side. When I find some friends I get to chill out at the beach and hang out.

And then my friends go back to their homes. But I’ve found a big house that Is a tree house and. Then I played games by myself on the PS4.

Every day.

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